Orlando Aviators Flying Club (OAFC) requires that members receive an annual checkout flight with an OAFC-approved flight instructor. The checkout flight is required of new OAFC members before rental privileges becoming active. This checkout will expire on the last day of the calendar month a year after the checkout has been completed. There are three categories of rental privileges: Day VFR, IFR, and Night. You will only be required to complete a checkout for the type of rental privileges you need. For example, if you are a private pilot with an instrument rating, but you only need rental privileges for VFR operations, you will not be required to complete an IFR checkout. When you meet with the OAFC instructor for your checkout, if the instructor can verify within your logbook you have three full stop night landings within 90 days, you will be allowed night rental privileges without the need to complete a night flight with an instructor. If you do not have three full stop landings within 90 days, you will be required to perform three full stop landings with an OAFC instructor before receiving night rental privileges. 

There is no minimum flight time requirements to checkout in OAFC aircraft. Checkout approval will be up to your instructor's discretion to determine that you hold to skills necessary to act as PIC in our rental aircraft. 

Your checkout each year consists of two parts: an online test, then a flight with an OAFC flight instructor. The online test must be completed before the flight. There is no pass or fail on the online test. This test is only intended to help you study what you need to know to operate in OAFC safely. After you complete the online test, you will receive your score and which questions you answered incorrectly. The online test is intended to guide your study before meeting with your instructor. The online test should be completed at least 24 hours before your scheduled checkout flight. Your test results will be forwarded to your instructor before your flight so both of you can review subjects of deficiency. To set up a checkout flight, please contact an instructor directly from the approved list. Use this link to review the flight/ground items your instructor will cover with you on your checkout.

Use the links below to begin the online checkout test at any time. If you'd like to check out in multiple aircraft, take the initial and recurrent test for one aircraft, then take the added equipment test for each additional aircraft. You may rotate your annual checkout aircraft each year. For example, if you are checked out in both the Cessna 172 and Piper Archers, you can fly the Cessna 172 one year for your annual check out, and fly the Piper Archer the next year and your currency will remain valid for all aircraft. When you begin a test, you will create a login and set a password. You can start, close, and resume any test at your convenience by visiting this page and clicking the appropriate test link.

Study Resources

Cessna 172 Initial, Recurrent, or Added Equipment Testing

Zenair Alarus CH-2000 Initial, Recurrent, or Added Equipment Testing