Getting Started In Our Club

Joining our club is easy whether you are a long time pilot or brand new to aviation. OAFC has a low monthly fee of $75 to maintain club membership. An initiation fee of $200 and a $25 credit fee is collected when the membership paperwork is completed.

With the membership fee, you have access to our club aircraft at very reasonable rates. We charge per hour of TACH time in our rental aircraft. As you may know, TACH time will always be less than HOBBS time on any given flight. Also, sales tax is already included in our rates. For these reasons, you will find our rates to be hard to beat in the Orlando area.

We are proud of our clean, well-equipped, well-maintained airplanes. We all share in the upkeep by assuring the airplanes are neat and clean after every flight. OAFC holds regular social events such as hanger cookouts, member discussions, and restaurant cookouts every few months. 

Our airplanes are maintained to the highest standards and comply with the applicable FAA regulations. The airplanes get 50-hour oil changes, have 100-hour inspections and annual inspections. We take care of routine “squawks” as soon as possible after being reported in our system to make sure the aircraft is always airworthy and ready.

Our website has a link to our aircraft scheduling program where each member has a password to book flights and instructors from home on their computer. We also track progress if you are a student pilot, and keep track of important dates such as medical, flight reviews, and club reviews.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our club.